Essay on parents

Essay on parents

We have come to this world because of our parents, they gave us birth. They are the most important and close people for us in this world. Both father and mother have lots of sacrifices and hard work behind this position. I will tell you about my parents here. My parents are really nice people. They love me a lot. My mother name is Sunita Mehta and she is forty years old.

She is a well-educated woman and working as a professor at the nearest college. She used to be busy with her work. My father is a businessman. Both of them love to spend their time with me after work. I love them a lot. Parents are the most important person for us in this world.

We need to respect and love our parents. We have none except them. They love us a lot. Especially fathers are like hard and never express love openly. But we have to realize that they love us a lot. We need to love and respect them too.

Today I am going to share about my parents. My father name is Sunil Sharma and he is forty-five years old.

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He is working as an engineer for the local government. He is pretty successful in his career. My father is an ideal person. I follow his lifestyle and want to be like him. He loves me a lot and loves to spend time with me. When he gets the free time he spends this time with the family. My mother name is Sneha Sharma, she is forty years old and she is a housewife.

My mother is a hardworking woman and she is really polite and well behaved.Let me tell you something about the people I love so much. My father is a doctor by profession. He was born and brought up in Bangalore. He has had to work hard all his life. Even now he is always ready to serve his patients day and night. Besides being a doctor, my father plays the flute beautifully. He is also a good chess player, and has many other talents as well.

My mother is small and pretty and cooks very well. She is from Delhi. She was earlier working as a secretary in a firm, but left the job once my sister and I started growing up. She has a golden voice. I love it when she sings me to sleep each night. Both my parents are very loving people. They take out time for us no matter how busy they are. Every evening we all play games together. My parents also scold us whenever we do something wrong, but they never hit us. They help us in our studies, and teach us never to lie, steal or hurt people.

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I am really proud to be the son of such parents. I hope they will lead long, healthy happy lives, and will be with us for ever. Your email address will not be published. Noor Fatima Amer May 11, at pm. Anshul October 11, at pm. Shravani November 21, at am. Rashmi December 23, at pm. Kushal May 11, at pm. Rohit June 29, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The paragraph below is just a guideline for you to help you write your own essay in your own words.

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When you are asked to write about your parents try to include some of the following points: 1. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are very loving and care for me always. My father is Sanjay Pal write your own father's name and my mother is Sarbani Devi write your own mother's name.

My father is an architect and is a great designer. He is a very kind and hardworking person. He loves me very much and takes care of all my needs. Sometimes he brings beautiful gifts for me. He takes me out and fills my life with happiness and joy.

He even teaches me at home and helps me complete my homework. My mother is a homemaker and is very caring too. She takes great care of the house and cooks tasty food for all of us. She takes me to school in the morning and to the park in the evening. She tells me interesting stories at bedtime. I am very dear to my parents.

I love and respect them very much too. I do not know what to do without my parents. When I grow up I too will take care of them. Describe two very important persons in your life 2. Write a paragraph on a happy home 3. Write a paragraph on your duty towards your parents 4. Write what your parents do for you the whole day 5.

essay on parents

Write a paragraph on how your parents try to help you the whole day 6. Write what you do for your parents the whole day 7.I think that parents are couples who created a new life. They have to protect, guide, and give a good future to their children. I also think that parents create their children's personality and they also make their children to go in the right way by punishing or talking to them. I believe that parents should be their children's friends so that if there is a good trust between them; a good relationship will exist.

In other words, I think that parents shouldn't just be the people who punish their children; they should also be their children's friends. Unfortunately, this is not what happens with most families. For example, my mother is not my real friend because every secret that I tell her; she immediately tells it to my whole family. That is why I prefer not to tell her my secrets. I also can't tell her my problems because when something unfair happens to me, she always solves them.

This really upsets me because I want to learn from my mistakes, but she doesn't let me do that because she always finds the solution of my problems. But, after all, she is my mother and I really love her. In the other hand, my father is the opposite of my mother.

He is the person that I love the most. He is polite, good and comprehensive. He is so especial for me, because he guides me in the good way without punishing me, he helps me with my problems, but he doesn't solve them because he understands that I want to solve my problems, and not that other people solve them; he also trusts in me. I really think that my father is unique because there is no other father like him.

He is the reason of my life, my love, and my happiness.

essay on parents

As a conclusion, my parents have mistakes as all humans have, but they also know how to raise me. That is why I think that God blessed me when he gave the kind of parents that I have, because they are unique, they guide me in a good way and make my life easier. I love my parents despite of their negative features. Sometimes I think that I am forgotten by everyone and in such hard times my mother is there for me.

She encourages me and gives me strength in difficult times. I am thankful to God for my parents even though at the moment my father lives in England. Often I don't think what my parents feel and I am not interested in their personal life which is not polite of me.

But in this busy world we live it is very difficult to be a kind and gentle person with everyone at one and the same time. I owe all my abilities to my parents. If they were not nex My parents have many differences, as most do. My parents do share some similar interests. So there you go, three different tastes, or life styles, my parents choose. All in all the opposite things my parents share are the things that have kept them together for twenty-seven years.

Living without my parents Moving away from my home in Brazil taught me that my parents weren't as terrible as I thought they were.One of the first big discussions would be whether or not to attend a school or to stay home for education. Deciding where a child should further their education is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

There is a reason that the decision to homeschool or to send a child to a public or private school. Mariah Huffman Human Sexuality Mr. Chesbro 15 November Children With Homosexual Parents Children of gay and lesbian parents have the same potential as other children despite living in a nontraditional household, a growing trend in America. Same-sex parented families face many struggles such as discrimination based on sexual orientation of the parents.

Individuals who do not support same-sex marriage or same-sex parenting believe that the child will not be raised in a stable household. Children from one-parent families achieve less and get into trouble more than children from two parent families. Whether the. Children who come from broken homes or who have divorced parents often grow into adults with no family values and in turn, have broken homes of their own.

In some cases, these children grow into adults with little values and lack the ability to do whatever it takes to ensure that their children do not suffer the same hurtful experience they did.

It is unfortunate that marriages sometimes end and there are children caught in the middle of the marriage but it may be worst for the parents to stay. Parents are the foundation for children to develop gender stereotypes. They have a significant role of fostering their values into their children. At the same time, parents also introduce gendered ideals through their interactions and by unintentionally falling back on the traditional ideals they were brought up with. Such ideals will include clothes with gender connotations or having the child perform gender related housework.

They are overcrowded with men, most of which are fathers and nearly half of these incarcerated fathers were living with their child or children before going to prison. The effects on these children can be detrimental.

This can also cause strained relationships with the mothers or other family members doing their best to take care of these children while their father is away.

There can be social as well as. When I think about a child or children, I think of an indefensive human being that is in search of love, care, someone who brings happiness in the house and peoples life, someone that from a young age looks to parents for protection and support.

Some parents often work hard, and for long hours so as to leave their children an inheritance. Adolescents face different challenges every day, but imagine the challenges present in the life of a teen parent.

Teen parents are required to develop maturity and understand their responsibilities of having a child. By that, teen parents have to find a job which pays enough to support a child.

My parents

However, it is hard for a teenager to find a full day job, especially if they are. Parents dream of popularity, college scholarships, and professional athleticism lead them into blindly pushing their children into misery. In an article written by Baldwin Ellis, he suggests that an array of emotional issues can stem from this type of parenting Ellis, The act of pushing may, in fact, encourage the child to perform at a level less than their actual potential.

Kathryn Hatler of Demand Media sites that many parents live their lives vicariously through their children Hatler,n. Divorce is a life-transforming event that is caused by and lead to a variety of different conditions. Above all else, divorce has a huge influence on children and their parents, respectively.Bishnu Mahato January 06, 7 comments.

Our parents sacrificed their comforts for our better life. They fed us, clothed us, and gave us a suitable education. You can choose anyone according to your necessity. My parents are like God for us. My father is the key figure in our family. He is forty-five years old. He is a postgraduate in political science.

He is very dutiful, sincere and straightforward. My mother is lovely and helpful. The name of my mother is Sabitri Prusty. She is forty-three years old. She is very honest and religious. My love my parents very much. My parents are very dear to us.

Essay on Parents

They support me, helps me and loves me very much. My father is a teacher in a school.

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He goes to school by car. He keeps there busy with his work.

Essay on My Parents in English

At 2 pm he takes there some snacks and tea. He returns home at pm. He refreshes himself and goes marketing. He fetches vegetables and other necessary things for the home. He takes a cup of tea and watches TV or reads some books.

He is a voracious reader. He has developed a library of his own. He buys books every month to add to his library. On some evenings, he visits his friends, and at times, his friends visit us. My mother is fair and pretty.

She is very social by nature. She has good relationships with our neighbours. The women from neighbouring houses come to her and pass their time with her.Our parents are our heroes. We can never deny the role and value of parents in our life. The following essay discusses the importance, role, love, and sacrifices of parents for children.

Why Are Parents So Strict (Essay Sample)

The life without parents is a worst life ever. Parents are support and shade for us. The value of parents in our lives can never be ignored. They play a very great role in our lives. They protect us and give every sacrifice to make us happy and pleased. Parents are our true guardians. The are the real reasons of our success and happiness in this world. I love my parents. They are standing beside me in my every walk of life.

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My hero is my mom. She wakes up early in the morning. She works for our family from dawn to dusk. She is the best house manager. She takes care of everything in our house.

As soon she wakes up, she starts thinking about ourselves. She runs to the kitchen. She prepares tasty breakfast for us. Her breakfast is always delicious. She takes great care in making the food of our choice.

After making our tasty breakfast, my mother quickly fills up our lunch boxes with tasty food. She always fills our lunch boxes with additional tasty food so that we can share that our friends. I really appreciate my parents and especially my mom.

essay on parents

The love of mother is simply matchless. Soon after we come home after school is up, we always find our mother standing at the gate of our house. We feel very pleased and my mother hugs all of us.

She take great care of our health. She regularly consult with our family doctor so that we stay healthy and strong. She is best at drawing. She drawing fancy pictures, portraits and cartoons.

We all feel wonderful at her drawing skills. My hero is my dad.